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IT Club India

I.T. Club India

To provide members with a meeting ground for the exchange of ideas and information, and to foster the spirit of co-operative effort and the sharing of experience and technical know-how.

To promote and encourage Information Technology CONVINIENTLY AND EASILY IT Club Association



Our seminars are the platform for I.Tians to meet the people with same interest and learn a lot at one clip with most material compressed in short. Our seminars have sessions where personal experiences about the information technology are shared, which provide a great deal of practical information. Infact those are great morale boosters. Seminars also offer the ability to refresh old skills and also gain state-of-the-art information about various IT topics. Not having to devote more than a couple of days learning a new skill with others who share similar problems and needs is very useful. Most times you learn as much from fellow attendees as you do from the instructor. It also give you the opportunity, outside of work, to ask questions you might be too embarrassed to ask at work and give growth to your business.

IT CLUB INDIA® Core Values

To improve manpower skill through technical Training

Decisions on New technology and problems through Seminars

Promoting outsource IT projects to India.

Awaking IT firms to different legal laws and norms.

To promote Indian IT and IT enabled services to Indian Companies.

To make periodic presentations about the current status of the Indian IT industry.

Awaking IT firms to different legal laws and norms Apply for Membership

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