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IT Club India

I.T. Club India

The I.T Club India® stands for and strongly supports the underlying values - Leadership of Indian IT in the IT services market in world.

To promote and encourage Information Technology CONVINIENTLY AND EASILY IT Club Association

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youth employment

Who We Are


I.T Club India® seeks to Advance the IT Profession through Professional Development & Awareness, Support of IT Education, and Government Policies on IT that improve society as a whole.

IT industries have become expensive due to rapid increase in the cost for the manpower. In the earlier times India provided “less expensive, highly skilled manpower”; currently it has run out of that “skilled” manpower and whatever manpower is available is either not skilled enough or highly expensive. Indian Education system is not able to output the skilled manpower in terms of skill level in the numbers required in Indian IT Industry. There are only a few Indian universities and institutions which can be regarded of international quality. So IT Club India wants meet this challenge and full fill this technical gaps through training, seminars, conference and others awareness promotional activities for ITians and companies.

Code of Ethics & Standard of Conduct

Established with an aim to promote, advance and encourage the IT industry in India, I.T. CLUB INDIA® provides you with IT seminars and management training that address the specific challenges you face as IT managers and technical professionals. As a manager or an organization, your success depends on the ability to influence and exploit the latest technology, and it’s necessary to understand its impact on our personal, organizational and economical growth.

The failure to Cyber Law & Govt. Policy security problems today is caused by IT organizational, not technological limitation. Many companies aren’t even not aware of the Cyber Law & Govt. Policy, whether internal or external, the majority of companies with massive Cyber Law & Govt. Policy suffer from head in the sand problem. To be an effective part to have a more secured technology and Cyber Law & Govt. Policy, IT Club make the necessary awareness and solutions to execute it properly.

Changes in technology and organizational changes can create a need for Professional to continually develop and enhance their competencies and their personal attributes as part of an ongoing IT Industry development process.


• Technology Awareness.

• Business Engagement and Implementation.

• Cyber Law & Govt. Policy Awareness.

IT Club Association

IT CLUB INDIA® Core Values

To improve manpower skill through technical Training

Decisions on New technology and problems through Seminars

Promoting outsource IT projects to India.

Awaking IT firms to different legal laws and norms.

To promote Indian IT and IT enabled services to Indian Companies.

To make periodic presentations about the current status of the Indian IT industry.

What People Say

People appreciate your work so much. You have helped me and so many other proposal IT proffesional in their projects with the right funders.

youth employment
Harsh Mehra
Software Beta Tester Bangalore

Your seminars and news letter section is very helpful for me. It is like software updation for my skill. I appriciate your thought.

Akhil Chandani
Asst. Project Manager Hyderabad

This is really very good paltfrom for every technical and non technical person. They educate me how to use Information Technology without harming social enviroment.

India IT Club
Rajat Kindra
Associate Marketing Manager Noida

To promote and encourage Information Technology CONVINIENTLY AND EASILY Be With Us

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