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To promote and encourage Information Technology Skill development.

Giving power to the performer!

Who We Are

IT Club India®

I.T Club India® seeks to Advance the IT Profession through Professional Development & Awareness, Support of IT Education, and Government Policies on IT that improve society as a whole.

I.T. Club India® represents Professionals, Companies and Organizations involved in consulting and providing products and services pertaining to Information Technology sector. The primary goal of the I.T. Club India is to promote management practices that will ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information resources.


IT Club Association

• Technology Awareness.

• Business Engagement and Implementation.

• Cyber Law & Govt. Policy Awareness.

IT Club Association

Our Introduction Video

IT Club India® AIM

Technology Awareness.

To make periodic presentations about the current status of the Indian IT industry.
To hold lectures, discussions, seminars, open forums and so forth on subjects related to Information Technology.
To provides educational forums, publications and peer interaction opportunities that enhance the knowledge, skills and professional growth of its members.
The decisions on new challenges for Indian IT sector.

Business Engagement and Implementation

To promote Indian IT and IT enabled services to Indian Companies.
To support Indian companies in reaching out to prospective customers or partners in India.
Promoting outsource IT projects to India.
To keep maintaining Indian information technology industry excellent performance standards.

Cyber Law & Govt. Policy Awareness

Awaking IT firms to different legal laws and norms.
How to do global IT business operations.
The decisions the major Problems faced by Indian IT industries.

IT Club India® How it works

To improve manpower skill through technical Training

Decisions on New technology and problems through Seminars

To Aware New technology and solves problems through Webinars (Video seminars)

Decisions Forum for ITians problems and new technology decisions.

IT Club India® for whom

Information Technology Students.

Information Technology Professional and Practitioner.

Information Technology Companies.

Companies and Professionals depends on Information Technology Industry.


I.T. Club India® is a Club of Information Technology for Companies, professionals and practitioners.

The I.T. Club India® offers individual memberships, including special memberships for students and non-residents (outside the India), as well as corporate and group memberships.


Board Members of Club

Sanjeev Sajjan

Owner at Bhartiya Associated Inc. and Owner at Self Employed (Business)

Mr. Sanjeev Sajjan


Amrtya Sinha

CEO & Founder at Global Webs Link, Fonder Trustee of I.T. Club India®

Mr. Amartya Sinha

Vice President

Sonam Chandra
C.S.E - Azad Institute of Engineering & Technology, India
Er. Sonam Chandra


Isha Srivastava

M.B.A. HR, GOLD MEDALIST from Jaipuria Institute of Management.

Ms. Isha Srivastava

Joint Secretary

Pooja Singh

Digital Marketer, IT Diploma- Government Girls Polytechnic.

J.Er. Pooja Singh


To enlighten IT professionals and business decision makers on the current issues of IT and the ways of deploying leading edge technologies so as to enhance the competitive advantages of their organisations.

Changes in technology and organizational changes can create a need for Professional to continually develop and enhance their competencies and their personal attributes as part of an ongoing IT Industry development process.
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